Gnome Stories

It is estimated that many millions of garden gnomes have made their homes in our gardens, our houses and nurseries. These amusing little goblins are cherished by both children and adults as symbols of a better, more orderly world.

For hundreds of years the story has been told of how these busy little people awake in the night, when everyone else is asleep, in order to help us human beings with our work. They protect us while we are asleep and banish all evil spirits from our homes and our gardens.

In the morning, they return - to their gnome land. They freeze then into apparently lifeless comic little men. But if you look closely at their happy faces, you will notice a mischievous smile, because the gnomes watch us closely during the day too. They only feel happy when they are with good people. If they are treated badly, then one day they will leave and never come back.

In the Enns Valey - near Großraming - deep in the Lumplgraben - somewhere in a lonely valley in the mountains that can only be reached after a long journey on foot, is the entrance into the land of the gnomes.

A few lonely wanderers who lost their way in the forest are said to have been their guests and to have found their way back with their help. They give their help only to those who are pure of heart and who truly believe in them. Only these people can find the land of the gnomes.


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